Amazing Tourist Destinations in Asia

There is no doubt that Asia is extremely rich in stunning locations where you can spend unforgettable vacations. If you would like to visit any of these places but you don’t know which one to choose then hopefully this article will help you make a decision. Here are some of the most amazing tourist destinations in Asia.



We are sure that once you get here you will absolutely fall in love with Taipei. This place is well-known for its historical attractions and detectable night markets. Anyone who is interesting in visiting Asia should not miss Taiwan’s beautiful capital. Can’t-miss attractions in Taipei include a lovely ride to the top of the National Palace which is the ultramodern Taipei 101 tower. Here you will find plenty of artifacts dated from the Forbidden City, and also the gorgeous Shilin Night Market.

Railay Beach

If you only have time and money to visit one beach in Thailand, then you must definitely go to Railay Beach, which is located in the Krabi province. This beautiful beach has golden white sands and it is surrounded by leafy, limestone rock formations. The only disadvantage is that you can reach this location only by boat. There are day trips that are being organized for tourists, and the leaving point is nearby Ao Nang Beach.

Chiang Mai

If you have already been to Phuket, then Chiang Mai is the next must-see destination in Thailand. This place offers a much-needed reprieve thanks to its beautiful surrounding mountains. Activities here include several tours of breathtaking and unique temples, amazing adventures in the rainforest, and also a lovely and relaxing visit for the whole family to the Elephant Nature Park.


There is no doubt that Singapore is quite unique from many points of view. For example, it is a melting pot of Asian cultures. This great fusion has actually led to an excellent prosperity that takes form in Singapore’s overall modernity, colorful neighborhoods, and also eclectic culinary scene. Once you arrive in Singapore, go for a shopping session in Chinatown or Little India, and then head downtown in order to take in the spectacular skyscrapers from either Gardens by the Bay or Merlion Park.

Hong Kong

If you want a truly vibrant holiday in Asia, then you should not think about going somewhere else but Hong Kong. This former British colony provides an interesting introduction to China. The metropolitan city beautifully blends both cultures, in order to create a hub that is eastern at heart but with some roots that are deeply influenced by the west. This is something that tourists can see in Hong Kong’ s capitalist culture, which is illustrated by its massive skyscrapers, a large variety of dining locations, and numerous street markets. If you love busy places where you can try plenty of crazy things then this metropolis is the place where you certainly need to be.


For a wonderful city-break you can also choose Tokyo, a bit quieter than Hong Kong, but still very noisy and busy for many people. Travelers are invited to enjoy to the fullest the city’s exhilarating energy and its amazing sushi.


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