Things You May Not Know About Oman

What most people know about Oman is that it has several top-notch beaches and wonderful picturesque sand dunes. However, there is actually more about this country. We will try to highlight as best as we can to all our readers, in the following, some interesting things they may not know about Oman.


A very interesting fact about Oman is that it is actually the oldest independent country in the entire Arab world. This state has been self-governing since 1741, except for a very short period of the Persian invasion. Its official name was changed in 1970 from the Sultanate of Muscat & Oman into Sultanate of Oman. In Oman, you will also find the oldest inhabited cities in the world, called Al Wattih, which is 10,000 years old. There are plenty of Portuguese forts that are scattered throughout the country, remnants of more than one hundred years of colonization. The name Oman has its origins in the Arab tribes that immigrated to the region from the Uman area in Yemen. Another interesting fact is that Oman and Great Britain have a very long history of friendship. They first signed a Treaty of Friendship in 1798. Since 1970, this country has tried a lot to maintain positive foreign relations with all important regional and international governments, and in some cases, it functioned as a negotiator between rival powers. There is no doubt that Oman has a quite diversified economy but it still depends on oil revenues.


In terms of ship-building this state has a very old tradition. Due to the fact that Oman has a prominence in marine trade over a few hundred years, the country has actually established a reputation of shipbuilding. The most popular city in this regard is the City of Sur. Furthermore, due to its excellent location, monitoring activities in the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean has become quite easy and effective. Very old wooden ships such as sambuk and ghanjah have been constructed in Sur and had the amazing capability to navigate extremely well all the way to India, East Africa, and even Africa. Oman is a very young country. Statistics show that nearly half of its residents are under 17 years of age. The majority of this population lives in the coastal area with the Sultanate’s capital, Muscat, having more than 630,000 people. The good news is that tourism in Oman is quickly growing, and the country attracts lots of tourists each year. Visiting this place is something that we strongly recommend to anyone who is looking to discover some new and unique places.


Overall, this country is without a doubt a lot more than people think. By reading this article and by doing some deep research you will understand exactly why Oman has become very popular these days and why tourists have started to visit it in a quite high number. Therefore, once you will be well-informed we are pretty sure that you will soon plan a holiday to this location, which will surely be an excellent decision.

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